Pure Potential.

Pure Potential….. Coincidence?

Is Coincidence A Miracle?

Do You Think About Coincidence and what it means?

Beyond your physical self, beyond your thoughts and emotions, there lies a realm within you that is pure potential; from this place anything and everything is possible….. Deepak Chopra

When I read these words, I could feel the energy inside of me start to bubble, a bottle of champagne ready to explode. Deepak talks about coincidence and moments we can dismiss as a random occurrence in this chaotic world we live in, or we can recognize it for its potentially life – altering event it may prove to be.

As I went through the test, thinking back to what happened in the last 24 hours, then taking myself back to 5 years ago and what events happened and how they have impacted my direction. Was this meaningless or was this coincidence?

Coincidences are really a kind of message, the questions are we open to the messages or are we leaving ourselves closed to infinite possibility.

When I did the test, my focus of course was finance and wealth creation because with life and your business it will present you with what you’re not good at. Does that mean you can’t have or can’t do it so slip back into your comfort zone.…? No it just means you haven’t learnt enough in that area yet.

As I tracked back my last five years, cashed out of a profitable salon, where I had what I thought invested wisely ….. Wrong, since then Queensland has become one of the most expensive states in Australia to live.

My weakest area in business was of course finance, numbers learning about money and how to secure for the long term while enjoying the present. I then made an in effective business choices in purchasing a coaching franchise. So what was the coincidence here? Where was this directing me too?

Firstly it made me take of my rose colored hairdressing glasses and see what is possible in the real finance world.  Coaching businesses turning over $150K to $1 million plus really was the beginning of my journey to the field of infinite possibility…. My relationship with finance was starting to expand. Again there is another level of expanding coincidences for me. My earlier narrow thinking to what is possible was now being expanded into infinite possibilities.

As I read Deepak’s words, “The coincidences or little miracles that happen every day of your life are hints that the universe has much bigger plans for you than you have ever dreamed of for yourself.”


How powerful this, life is takes on such different meanings when you look at your life from a different reality.  After looking to closing the door on my coaching franchise business, one more coincidence happened I came across an extraordinary financial education program which was my starting point to learning to protect and grow my income. Random events like this redirected my whole approach to my business life style; I was now adapting to this new direction in business and building my business online.

As I look deeper into the words of Deepak Chopra … “When you live your life with an appreciation of coincidences and their meanings, you connect with the underlying field of infinite possibilities.”

Coincidences continued with me, financial education company I use and work with their education program have a philosophy – Wealth Health and Personal Development all are inter related, they go hand in hand. They developed their sister company called PURE Now….. When I sat in on the first release the one product they brought forward is called Pure Energy. I joined immediately as a founding member … Why? As this is the coincidence of all coincidence.

In 2002, at an Anthony Robbins seminar we had to write down what our purpose in life was … I wrote…”The purpose of my life is to be Pure Energy, to enjoy all of life’s abundant opportunities and cherish myself and those around me.”

Ten years later I am harnessing the power of coincidence to create miracles with Pure Energy.

Helene Mearing


Helene Mearing is a Founding consultant of Pure Energy. Helene specializes in Home Based Business, for more information go to => ignite.mypurenow.com.  Recourse book Deepak Chopra – Synchro Destiny.

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